About Liberty Barbershop


Liberty Barbershop is Orlando’s premiere award winning on-time appointment only Barbershop since 2008. It is owned by John Duvoisin, shared with Colin Davey, Alex Kuechenmeister, Tito Santiago, and Brandi Bonnecaze. Liberty is full service, offering all types of barber styles, as well as straight razor shaving, trimming, and shaping of facial hair. We specialize in detailed, precision haircuts and beard trims. The shop is also a complete men’s grooming parlor, with over 40 different hair and styling products from around the world.


Services and Pricing


Brandi Bonnecaze (407) 782-6039


Haircut $22

Beard Cut $22

Hot Shave $44

Salon Cut $44

Eyebrows $4


Monday - Thursday 9am-7pm

Brandi Bonnecaze has been cutting hair professionally since 2008, specializing in barbering since 2012. She can handle all hair types and styles and loves cutting kids as well. After dropping out of high school at 17, Brandi picked up her haircutting license, and over the past decade has worked at several award winning barber shops and salons as a barber, manager, as well as teaching advanced education classes for other licensed professionals. After reaching all of her personal business achievements, she is happy working at her favorite barber shop in town. When not at work, you can find Brandi at home tending her garden, painting pictures of her three dogs, watching her beloved LSU Tigers play football and basketball, or relaxing with a good book.


Tito Santiago 407-432-2957


Haircut: $22

Beard Cut: $22

Hot Shave: $32

Eyebrows: $4

*$26 and up on Friday nights


Monday 9am-7pm

Wednesday 9am-7pm

Friday 2pm-12 midnight

Sunday 9am-7pm

Tito Santiago has been a barber for three years, but has interned and done charity work at the shop much longer than that. After a few grocery store gigs, and not enjoying college, Tito dropped out and went to barber school. An odd mix of hobbies, Tito is a fan of getting traditional sailor tattoos, ignorant hardcore and rap music and competitive video games. Being the youngest guy at the shop, he wears the freshest clothes and knows all the dankest memes. His father, a policeman, said that being a barber is a job for felons. Tito regularly cuts his father's hair all the time now, so maybe he changed his mind, or he's keeping tabs on us.


Alex Kuechenmeister 407-399-3598


Haircut: $26

Beard Cut: $26

Hot Shave: $44

Eyebrows: $4


Tuesday: 9am - 7pm

Friday: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: 9am - 7pm

Alex Kuechenmeister has been a licensed barber for over six years. This former infantry Marine has turned his hobby of cutting hair into a means to provide for his wife and two children. When Alex isn't cutting hair, he can be found spending time with his beloved Xbox, going to the gym, sitting in a quiet room watching Russian dash cam videos, and shooting guns. If you are looking for a great cut, beard trim, or shave, with more sarcasm than you prefer, or just want to know how many good haircuts you can get before you go bald, Alex is the man for the job.


Colin Davey 407-459-3589


Haircut: $30

Beard Cut: $30

Hot Shave: $50

Eyebrows: $4


Tuesday - Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Colin Davey has been a professional barber for ten years. He specializes in military styles and flat tops, but can achieve just about anything you throw at him. Colin is originally from Boston, but has been living in Florida for well over a decade. An avid fisherman and outdoorsmen, he still loves his Boston roots, especially music and sports teams. Colin is a proud father and husband. He is also a red head, and that's pretty weird and uncomfortable for everyone.


John Duvoisin 407-590-9330


$60 and up


Appointment Only

John Duvoisin has been a barber since 2002, good at it since 2004, and owned Liberty Barbershop since 2008. John is a proud husband, rescue pit bull dad, musician, and wannabe MMA fighter. It is close to impossible to get an appointment with him without two months notice, because after almost sixteen years in this industry, there are only so many family, friends, and neighbors, and their families, friends and neighbors one person can possibly take care of with two hands.


Appointments Available

As a small, three chair barbershop, we always welcome newcomers with the understanding that we respect each patron's time equally, and will always offer up our next time slots as they are available. If you haven't been to the shop before, we would love for you to come down, grab a drink out of the fridge, and talk to us about what you want, so we can decide which one of us will best serve you. All of our barbers have years of experience with traditional and modern barber hair and beard styles, but each barber has their own unique specialties, and that simply can't be conveyed over the phone or an email.

Our business is done with prepaid appointments. New appointments are typically booked in person, as a deposit is required, however, if you live far from the shop or have too hectic of a schedule to swing by to book in person, all of our barbers use the Square Cash app to take appointments over the phone. If you prefer to book that way, download the app, text the barber you want to check out and let them know you've got it ready to set an appointment with them, but please make sure you have read and understand our booking and cancellation policies listed below.

If you ever see our big A-frame street sign by the road in our parking lot, it means we have room same day. If you do not, it means there are no open spots that day, however you are still more than welcome to drop in and book something for a later date.

Cancellation Policy

If you ever need to cancel your appointment for any reason, as long as we are notified with a voicemail or text message 24 hours or more in advance, you do not lose your deposit, and we will hold it for you for a future date. If you do not show up for your appointment time with a reasonable amount of punctuality, our barbers will have to edit the details of your service so as to remain punctual for the rest of our patrons for the day. If you no call no show for an appointment, or try to cancel same day, we cannot issue a refund, as sufficient time has not been given to offer your spot to someone else. We understand that extreme things can happen, and are people too, so if you ever have something crazy happen, please come talk to us in person so we can see what we can do for you. If you no call no show for multiple appointments, we reserve the right to refuse future bookings.

Grooming Products

We have managed to fit over 40 different hair, beard, shave, and grooming products from around the world in our tiny barbershop, and whether you have a barber or stylist you already like to go to, or are one yourself, you are always invited to come down and ask about what we have available, and we are all more than happy to share with anyone why we have what we have and how each item works to better help your own grooming or those of your own clients. You do not have to get a haircut here to take advantage of all of the products on our shelves.


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We are located in the Orlando Milk District at

49 N. Primrose Drive
Orlando, FL 32803


Hours of Operation

The shop is open every day from 9am - 7pm.
Come talk to us in person to get scheduled up!